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Tieman Releases Two New Sculptures in "Hands of the Artists" Collection at Stormy Weather Arts Festival

CANNON BEACH, OREGON – Pacific Northwest painter and sculptor Michael Tieman has completed his next two sculptures in his “Hands of the Artists” collection; “The Weaver” , and “The Wine Thief.” Tieman will unveil these two new pieces on Saturday at 1:15pm at Haystack Gallery in Cannon Beach , thus completing the first six sculptures in the “Hands of the Artists” collection which also includes; “The Glassblower” , “The Stone Sculptor” , “The Painter” , and “The Poet” .

The “Hands of the Artists” collection is unique in that is a collaborative creation by two artists, each producing a one-of-a-kind single piece of sculpture.” says Tieman. “I sculpt the figure of an artist at the moment of creation, and cast that figure in bronze. Another artist chosen for the piece then creates an original second art piece which is the completed creation.

“The Glassblower”

“The Stone Sculptor”

“The Poet”

“The Painter”

"The Wine Thief"

"The Weaver"

“The series has proved popular and the interest has been high as people have started to experience the scope, uniqueness and fun of the collection,” says Tieman. “It is a joy to spend time with people explaining not only the background and creation story of the first six, but also about the other pieces in the collection. In the beginning I had six in the collection, after talking to people who have seen the “Artists” I now have fifteen. The collection has taken on a life of its own, and that makes it fun.”

“The Weaver” – NEW

The fifth artist and one of the newest in the “ Hands of the Artist” collection is “The Weaver”. This piece captures the beauty of the weavings of Mayan women using a traditional back strap loom. The back strap loom, invented by the ancient Mayans was once used throughout Southwestern U.S. , Mexico and South America but is now used only in a few rural areas of Guatemala . The back strap loom has a rope at one end so it can be tied to a post or tree and has a strap at the other end that is placed around the woman's waist as she sits on the ground and weaves. Weaving on a back strap loom is tedious work and individual pieces may take up to several months. The uniqueness of this sculpture is that the loom is an actual working back strap loom with a weaving started and made by Guatemalan artists to the same scale as my sculpture. Each of the ten in the limited edition of “The Weaver” will have a one-of-a –kind, hand-made loom with a weaving started on it and included will also be a full size runner weaving from the weavers in one of the small towns in Guatemala.

“The Wine Thief” – NEW

My sixth artist in the “ Hands of the Artist” collection is “The Wine Thief”. Here I have captured the master artist, the winemaker at work. Part of the art of this master is determining when the wine is right. Through the use of the Wine Thief pipette the master tests the wine from the barrels. This sculpture includes a vine which wraps around the artist, thus we have the beginning and the end of the wine making art. Part of this piece is a bottle of fine wine from a select vineyard in the Pacific Northwest for your wine cellar.

About the Hands of the Artists collection

“Each year I will release several sculptures in the Hands of the Artists collection and each sculpture will be released in a limited edition of ten. The Hands of the Artists collection includes: “The Glassblower”, “The Stone Sculptor”, “The Painter”, and “The Poet”, “The Weaver”, “The Photographer”, “The Potter – Wheel”, “The Carver”, “The Potter – Raku”, “The Jeweler”, “The Dancer”, “The Clay Sculptor”, “The Musician”, “The Wine Thief” and “The Blacksmith”.

“The Glassblower”

The first sculpture in the collection is “The Glassblower”. I watched Suzanne Kindland, a local glassblower work, and discussed with her the glassblowing process. I then sculpted the figure of an artist blowing glass, at that moment of creation, and when Suzanne saw the completed figure, she blew a special glass vase that the bronze glassblower figure sits on, the completed creation. This is also a very unique piece, in that it is a hard metal bronze figure looking as though she is balanced on a delicate hand blown glass vase, and in this case both pieces were born from fire.

“The Stone Sculptor”

My second artist in the Hands of the Artists collection is “The Stone Sculptor”. This one is very special to me because I did both sculpture pieces. My intent was to have a second artist, a stone sculptor, complete the stone piece, but as I was working on the clay of the artist figure, a couple who collect my work asked me to also do the stone carving for their piece. How can an artist refuse? It was quite an experience as I had never carved in stone before. I was always told each piece of stone has a creation in it waiting to be released, but in the beginning I could not see the image in the stone. When the clay artist figure was completed the creation in the stone was revealed. The stone in #1/10 turned out to be an abstract piece, a mirror image of the artist carving herself in the stone. The stone in #2/10 is an alabaster stone carved as a more traditional figure.

“The Poet”

“The Poet” is the third artist in the collection. The artist is teetering back on a high four legged stool, head cocked to the side with half used pencils stuck randomly in her hair. The scroll of paper she is writing on (actually cast in bronze) is wrapped around her and the chair then folds into a book sitting on the floor under the stool. The book is a hardcover book which contains the original poem written by “The Poet”. The poet is David Sweet, a successful Tacoma , Washington writer and poet. The uniqueness of this piece is continued in that I will carve into the scroll the opening stanza of each buyer's favorite poem, then I will cast it into bronze.

“The Painter”

The fourth artist in the “Hands of the Artists” collection is “The Painter”. This piece forever captures the excitement, passion, elegance and frenzy of a plein-air painter. Schlepping all of their supplies to sometimes remote locations, fighting the elements, the bugs and sometimes the wildlife, these painters have just a few precious hours to create their masterpiece before they lose the special light they came for. The bronze piece includes a bronze easel and the buyer of the piece can have Michael Tieman, Sean Conrad or Sally O'Neill paint an original painting that sits on the easel and looks like has been painted by the bronze artist.”

About Michael Tieman

As Michael Tieman sees it, “The role of an artist from the dawn of time has been as a visual storyteller. The stories my paintings and sculptures tell are ones of confidence, strength, passion, playful sophistication and the celebration of life.”

Tieman has sketched and painted since childhood and has spent almost four decades as a working artist, both as a graphic designer and a fine artist. Following the encouragement of a friend and gallery owner, Michael recently expanded his talents into sculptures cast in bronze. Tieman's sculptures are unique in that they are a combination of traditional figurative sculpture and his Impressionistic painting style. “I create my bronze sculpture as a three dimensional painting; texture is the impasto brushstroke, color is the play of light and shadows across the surfaces, and detail is the free style movement of the impressionist style. My ladies have a face with a chiseled jaw and high cheekbones, producing great shadows, and the athletic body and proud confidence of an Amazon warrior. ”

Member of; Pacific Northwest Sculptors, International Sculpture Center , International Society Acrylic Painters, Oregon Society of Artists, and the Cannon Beach Gallery Group – (Board Member since 2002, President-2005, 2008, & 2009).

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