Let's Go Fly a Kite

This is my very first sculpture. The image is one I see all the time here at the beach. It could be a father & son, or my grandson believes it is him and I. It is in the eyes of the beholder.

22" Bronze
Limited Edition of 15
Sold Out
 Playing In The Rain

A couple asked me to to create a fountain with four kids. This is the maquette size. It turns out that the oldest child on the right (the first born trying to protect the other by getting them under the umbrella) is my oldest daughter when she was 12, and the boy infront of her is her first son. The second girl on the left is the "free spirit" daughter, my second, with her first born son in front of her. And yes, even though both little kids in front have a duck, they are fighting over who get's the third one.
 Surf Play

Another typical scene here at the beach. A couple piggybacking and playinig frisbee with their dog. The couple who bought the first one, saw this in clay and asked if I could sculpt their dog. They brought their dog into the studio and I sketched him, complete with his neck scarf which he wears when he comes to the beach.
18" Bronze
Limited Edition #2/20
18" Bronze
Limited Edition #2/20