Painter, Sculptor, Writer

“The role of an artist from the dawn of time has been as a visual storyteller. The stories my paintings and sculptures tell are ones of confidence, strength, passion, playful sophistication and the celebration of life.”

Tieman has sketched and painted since childhood and has spent almost four decades as a working artist, both as a graphic designer and a fine artist. Following the encouragement of a gallery owner, Michael recently expanded his talents into bronze sculpture.

Tieman's sculptures are unique in that they are a combination of traditional figurative sculpture and his Impressionistic painting style. “I create my bronze sculpture as a three dimensional painting, texture is the Impressionistic impasto brush stroke, color is the play of light and shadows across the surfaces, and detail is the impression of movement.”

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YouTube Links for Michael Tieman

YouTube 3:10
The Building of "Courage" sculpture by Michael Tieman
A sculptural tribute to those battling Cancer. This is "Courage" going through the foundry and becoming a 36" bronze sculpture. A portion of the sale of this piece is donated to Cancer Support Services. To see more on "Courage" go to

  YouTube 3:50
Colors and Shapes with Michael Tieman
An excerpt of a video produced by Artistic Documentries on some of the artists of the Oregon North Coast. In this interview with Michael, he explains why he is an artist, his creative process, and his philosophy of art and life.

YouTube 3:57
Michael Tieman - Painter The Paintings of Michael Tieman

You Tube 3:00
Michael Tieman - Sculptor
These are the bronze and stone sculptures of Artist Michael Tieman. The pieces are a "Celebration of Life" in the traditional figurative style of sculpture.